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Created by: unknown457


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75.44 5 5646 686 5 3 22:41  2007-08-29

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azathoth_core00:02:01swartzer0 / 5
mot00:02:29lingading0 / 5
swartzer00:02:33mot0 / 5
lingading00:02:38azathoth_core0 / 5
curt00:03:13Zeke3 / 5
Zeke00:03:16curt4 / 5
gunzour00:03:19Balerius5 / 5
crusher00:03:23gunzour5 / 5
Balerius00:03:46crusher5 / 5

Comments (3)


10:40  2010-01-16

The battle is great and the design is also great but i had some trouble with my comp. there was to much weapons that made my comp almost crash but even that the game is a threat to my comp. it might be okay to yours,so play this Epic battle but beware of major lag.


16:16  2009-07-18

very hard for me. But you´re right swartzer. One of the best Zetaflow levels. Very Good!


22:56  2009-05-12

This is my all-time favorite Zetaflow level; the only one I've ever rated 100%. It's got it all; high challenge, excellent visual design, a sense of progress, and you can't take it for granted even at the very end. More amanzingly, this was all done before triggers, colors, or anything like that. When I beat this level for the first time, I knew I was no longer a Zetaflow noob, and I still use it to test any new system I play the game on.

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