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multi leg combat vehicle



Created by: MP3228


Bookmark Rating Lives Plays Wins Bookmarks Comments Date Created
58.1817 20 584 53 5 4 20:17  2008-03-16

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azathoth_core00:03:38azathoth_core1 / 20
lingading00:03:53lingading3 / 20
swartzer00:04:45swartzer6 / 20
crusher00:05:09crusher18 / 20
Zeke00:06:11Zeke19 / 20

Comments (4)


09:12  2014-10-17

Awesome ! But my game lags from it XD


15:32  2010-01-08

These are one of the big levels of Zeta flow.I saw this on the gameplay.This is one of my favorites too.Its really good.


17:29  2009-08-19

I agree Swartzer. Normally I don't like levels that fill the stage but MP3228 managed to put an excellent balance of speed and lives that make this level extraordinary difficult but possible. Its visual appeal rounds it all out nicely. I don't know how you managed to do this in 6 lives!


22:40  2009-05-14

This is a big, badass level, and very well designed. It may seem impossible at first, but there's sort of a trick to it. It's one of my favorites; the only reason I didn't rate it 100% was that some of the parts blow up in a weird order, leaving other parts swinging in midair and messing up the visual illusion of this otherwise excellent-looking level.

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