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Created by: asdasdg


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20.625 15 164 16 0 1 12:08  2008-12-23

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lingading00:01:38azathoth_core0 / 15
azathoth_core00:01:44lingading0 / 15
asdasdg00:03:44asdasdg8 / 15

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12:33  2009-06-20

Their is a story in the battleforeath series.
I am going to tell it in each of the parts.

Earth is under attack by alien vessals. (you)
The defences of earth space force have assembeled for the first true battle in an attempt to thwart the alien invasian.
Their succes depends upon the tactics of the aliens. Their defences will not be able to withstand repeted asaults.

Alien versian.
A solid waste land.
A massive population.
We could use them as slaves.
Our assault force needs you to lead us to victory.
Do not fail us.

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