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Created by: ryo


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56.6666 127 259 49 0 2 01:13  2009-03-07

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azathoth_core00:05:19azathoth_core15 / 127
asdasdg00:05:42asdasdg21 / 127
lingading00:06:36lingading21 / 127
Zeke00:06:57Zeke26 / 127

Comments (2)


13:39  2013-06-11

Compromise and give it a 50. Tip: just stick to one side and destroy the lasers there. If you want you can swing around and take out the rockets on the back. Once you have one of the laser things taken out, it becomes so much easier.

wait...this was my first time through this level and I lost fewer lives then lingading? cool.


11:38  2013-06-09

I'd give this level a solid 100 rating for absolutely awesome design... and a big fat zero for having some of the worst gameplay on the entire site.

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