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defence drones



Created by: rez33


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49.5 2 141 57 0 1 16:07  2009-05-13

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lingading00:01:03swartzer0 / 2
Zeke00:01:08Zeke0 / 2
swartzer00:01:10lingading0 / 2
MD00:01:18MD2 / 2

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20:56  2009-05-13

Not bad. A player can sneak through the force-fields by skirting the left edge if they don't find the way you provided to get rid of them, but that's not too big of a deal; I just mention that so you know to make the fields extend a little off the screen in the future, if you want to keep players from sneaking through. Of course, maybe you meant to provide that back door?

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