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d bomb


Created by: jacko97


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21.25 0 87 47 0 1 21:50  2009-05-14

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lingading00:00:29swartzer0 / 0
Zeke00:00:31Zeke0 / 0
tock00:00:44tock0 / 0
swartzer00:00:49lingading0 / 0

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00:09  2009-05-15

This one is better than your other two, because I had to work for a few seconds to create a sweet spot rather than just getting above the boss and locking my mouse down. It's still not very good, but it's not totally useless, which is about all you can ask of people's first few levels, usually. Hope you stick around and keep learning.

Whoever rated this level a zero before I got here, and apparently has been rating every other level zero tonight, should chill out.

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