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Created by: asdasdg


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0 143 3 0 4 09:43  2009-05-26

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crusher00:10:30crusher67 / ∞
asdasdg00:12:31asdasdg123 / ∞

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18:59  2009-06-21

At last......
The final battle is here.
You have proven worty of leading us time and again into victory. When you return from this mission Grand Admril, you have orders to relax.
But about this mission.
You must overpower the last of Earth's defences.
Victory is yours.


20:06  2009-05-27

I think I have the error corrected now.
Less lives in exchange though but it may still be possible seeing that it has been you who has beeten most of my levels.


08:34  2009-05-27

thanks for the report.


00:32  2009-05-27

I wiped out all the guns and the center spinner, and got to the last three triggers. I could not find a way to blow up any of them though. It looks like the purple round trigger just below the red round one on the upper right is the intended target, but even though it appears that it is exposed, the forcefield that partially covers it is too thick, so you cannot hit it.

See my screenshot in the forums in case it's not obvious which I mean.

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