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Created by: asdasdg


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30.4167 12 199 8 0 2 21:32  2009-05-27

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swartzer00:02:35swartzer1 / 12
lingading00:03:58crusher7 / 12
crusher00:04:37lingading11 / 12
asdasdg00:04:55asdasdg11 / 12
azathoth_core00:06:10azathoth_core12 / 12

Comments (2)


17:44  2009-08-01

You never know....
I might just make another level using this set up.
Although, I would have to alter the arangement a little.


19:48  2009-05-28

This is good, but the end is annoying. You just have to sit there in a narrow slot and hope you don't dodge wrong with the darts come at you. If the other of the two shields went away, or even had a small hole open up, I'd like it better, and it would still take skill. Other than that its a good level.

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