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Created by: asdasdg


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12.8571 1 94 17 0 3 22:29  2009-05-27

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NARF00:01:10swartzer0 / 1
lingading00:01:13Zeke0 / 1
Zeke00:01:19lingading0 / 1
swartzer00:01:24NARF1 / 1

Comments (3)


10:56  2009-06-21

Hey, you're right, the bottom-left corner is a safespot! I wonder why that works...


20:02  2009-05-28

I just hid in the bottom left corner. I don't know if it was luck or just the rate the game runs on my machine, but the laser missed me every time, and the pieces were moving so fast they never registered a hit. Looks kind of cool though.


16:42  2009-05-28

Almost impossible levels disgust me, especially when there is no way to dodge some attacks.

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