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Created by: raz3124


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12.5 0 114 20 0 1 09:54  2009-05-31

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swartzer00:01:10swartzer0 / 0
lingading00:01:11lingading0 / 0
Zeke00:01:37azathoth_core0 / 0
azathoth_core00:01:38BraggingRights0 / 0
BraggingRights00:01:39Zeke0 / 0

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13:02  2009-05-31

Well, at least it moves and doesn't offer any absolutely safe spots. That puts it over a lot of levels out there. But it's not very challenging; you just have to sit there spamming out shots and dodging the occasional bullet until you win.

Still, I hope this designer keeps making levels. They're already a good ways up the learning curve.

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