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Levels Created (8)

NameRatingTypePlaysSuccess rateMsgsDate
Play small and unbeatable ship
action6055%10:06  2010-02-18
Play Small and powerful robot
action5042%05:33  2010-02-13
Play ROBO-Rex
action7626%04:36  2010-02-13
Play All in one
action897%03:45  2010-02-13
Play unbeatable super ROBO
action4674%02:45  2010-02-13
Play ROBO really quite unbeatable
action8521%10:03  2010-02-12
Play Schip rotate laser indestructible and su [...]
action9645%13:23  2010-02-10
Play Robot as invincible and impossibly first [...]
action5452%10:35  2010-02-10

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SpiderStefanPlay unbeatable super ROBO116.11 / ∞
jodiPlay speed warror335.16672 / ∞